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If you are looking for an easy to use and reasonably priced SEO link management tool, then you will find Linkody up to the mark. As you know, backlinks are an integral part of SEO which determine the success of a website, therefore managing backlinks becomes indispensable. With an SEO tool like Linkody, you can manage and monitor your backlinks effortlessly, and at the same time access updated reports of recently created and changed or lost backlinks. This tool is fully web-based and the low pricing makes it feasible for many users. Large SEO agencies find it difficult to manage the backlink data. In situations like this, Linkody comes to the rescue by notifying you if a link is removed, or if a web page that was previously linking to you has vanished from the web. Tracking the links becomes relatively easy and reliable with this tool. Linkody also works to protect you against negative SEO. This happens when a competitor intentionally builds bad links to your site and Linkody warns you about the large quantities of unwanted links.

Other benefits of Linkody

  • 24/7 link monitoring
  • Email reports
  • Link Analytics
  • Link Metrics
  • Ensures up to date backlink status
  • Link distribution by TLD, domain
  • Anchor phrases and keyword distribution
  • Support options like FAQs, Online Support, Phone Support
  • Saves time spent on monitoring backlinks
  With Linkody, one can easily monitor the links every minute of the day, detect recently created links, and access detailed reports on monitored links. Whether you want to benefit from link analysis or auditing, this tool proves to cater to your discerning link management needs. Linkody searches for your site’s backlinks and from the provided list you can select which links you want to monitor. Apart from managing your link building campaigns, it allows you to analyze your rival’s backlinks. All you have to do is search the name of the related business and drill down to the backlinks of the top competitors using Linkody. When your competitor acquires a new link or when a backlink is removed, it will notify you. With all these detailed SEO metrics at hand, you can make effective data drive decisions. Earlier, spreadsheets were used to keep track of links, but now, with Linkody these tasks are automatically updated every 24 hours. This means, you have frequently updated reports and more time at your disposal.

Why you need Linkody?

  • To detect harmful links and export a disavow file ready to be uploaded to GWT.
  • Pinpoint dishonest partners removing links you traded.
  • Use link analytics and SEO metrics to optimize your link building and avoid being penalized.
  • Avoid using spreadsheets or desktop applications to check your links
Linkody can be benefitted by all users. It is suited for large enterprises, mid-size Business, Public Administrations as well as Small Business. There are several SEO link management tools, but most of them are a waste of your time. With all attractive features and benefits, Linkody guarantees best results. SEO agencies will be able to retain existing clients, as Linkody makes sure that all the links stay live and effective and avoid penalizations.