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At WebNamaste We Combine Work & Play!

We give you an opportunity to GET PAID to do something you love.


When work is fun, there is no need to stress about a work-life balance. We at WebNamaste strongly believe that work should be something that makes you excited to jump out of your bed each morning. So screw the traditional 9-5 job, and join us if you want to redefine work and create something beautiful and leave the world with a greater impact.

We take our learning schedules seriously. VERY seriously. So if you have a natural inclination to learn and become a better version of yourself every day, Welcome to WebNamaste. We will provide you EVERY learning opportunity, EVERY tools and resources to build you up into an authoritative though leader in your chosen niche.

We give you an opportunity to GET PAID to do something you love. To create an impact. To create opportunities. To become a better person, and to contribute to the world.


What we do?

We help our clients grow their business from Digital Marketing. Whether you join us as a Digital Marketing executive, Project Manager, Client Relations Executive, HR or Administrator, you will be helping to redefine the standards of customer service with the focus to help our clients succeed. At WebNamaste, we all share a common goal: To become the world’s best workplace that inspires creativity and innovation, through empowering the team to serve as consultants with the sole purpose of achieving our client’s business goals. Your mission is to help us get there.

What’s it like, to work at WebNamaste?

You have the freedom and encouragement to experiment new ideas and the support from your team members to implement it. You will be hanging out with the coolest people from around the world, who come as our guests, clients and associates. You will get trained by the best coaches in the industry. You will drive the entire process with complete ownership. You will have the freedom to make mistakes, as long as you are willing to learn from it. You have the opportunity to build a new division all by yourself, and head it when you prove your ability. To go for team outings and workshops that awakens the leader and the creator in you.

7 Reasons to Build Your Career at WebNamaste

Amazing Teammates

The excitement to “jump out of your bed every day” comes when you know that you have a great team awaiting you at your office, to support you, to challenge you and to inspire you to go great heights, and have massive fun in the journey. You will be working with some of the most committed and talented people in the world. Our work culture and employee development programs gives you massive opportunities to challenge the status quo.

The Freedom to be yourself

We acknowledge that the most brilliant people hate the word “normal”. As a matter of fact, during our interviews, we reject the “normal” people as being ordinary is the enemy of being excellent. When we give the freedom to be yourself, you will come out of your tendency to be just “normal”, and express your creativity and dig deeper into your potential. We make the ordinary people do the extraordinary, and that’s when they turn extraordinary.

Have Fun Like Never Before!

We believe that people should look forward to going to work every day. This is only possible if we make the work interesting. Though we are not there 100%, we are always on the lookout to gamify work and demand nothing but excellence and innovation. We organize team outings, day trips, group lunches, fancy dinners, micro-bonuses and other fun ideas to have fun while working.

Excellent Learning Opportunities

We encourage our team to spend 20% of their time to be invested into learning. We regularly conduct trainings and Empowering sessions to engage peak performance. We conduct specialized training for learning Business English. We have expert coaches and consultants coming in and speak about innovation and thinking without the box. We have a premium membership in various education portals such as Digital Vidya, Manipal University, Google Learning, Udemy, Coursera to name a few. Heck, we have facilitators from Australia who come to teach us how to dance Salsa!

Celebrate Success and Recognition

We have a bell of awesomeness that gets rung by the person for doing something extraordinary. We recognize the leadership in our team members and offer them ownership in the company when they are ready. We create responsible leaders and recognize their contribution. We give away the “WebNamaste Star Employee” awards to encourage our team towards excellence.

One of the Coolest Workplaces in Calicut

We take pride in building a great work culture. We blend holistic methods with cutting edge technology to build a balanced culture. Every Tuesday after lunch, you will see us get together to do yoga and guided meditations. WebNamaste is a place where employees from other companies envy for not getting the opportunity to work with us. It is a place where the college students dream of creating a career, when they are ready for a job.

Opportunity to Get Involved in Community Services

There is a reason why we started this business – To create employment opportunities. To give back to the community. To be able to contribute to several worthy causes. To make the world a better place. Money came naturally, and we were blessed with an abundance of opportunities and blessings. Join us, and be a part of a contributing team to the society.




Are you a Rebel? Join Our Team. 

Now is an exciting time to find a career at WebNamaste. We are eagerly looking to fill a number of digital marketing positions in Calicut (Kerala)  to help fulfill the needs of our ever-growing list of amazing clients.

Be a Rebel… challenge, innovate and accelerate your career with WebNamaste.

RK, Founder, WebNamaste

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