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One of the main ingredients of successfully running any enterprise is having a bunch of paying clients. But to convince your clients with your proposal and secure a deal is never an easy task. If you are a designer, then you would know how difficult and time consuming it is to come up with attractive and impressive proposals for your clients. And this is exactly why I turned my attention towards Bidsketch, the online proposal software. I had heard many designers lauding Bidsketch on how the tool helped them to create fantastic client proposals that convert. I signed up for the same with this expectation in mind, but still not yet convinced. But guess what! The first proposal I sent using the tool got accepted! That was when I realized I could really use Bidsketch to accelerate my business growth. I found it extremely simple and easy to use. I always have a lot of new ideas to present to my client, but Bidsketch really helped me organize them in a way that would cater to my client’s requirements, in a neat and attractive way. I now use Bidsketch for all my client proposals and am very pleased how it works. So I decided to come up with a small review on it. For the beginners, Bidsketch is basically an online proposal software that helps professionals create stunning business proposals for clients and track the client activity. Perfectly designed and making use of boilerplate language, the tool offers a great deal of customization features to ease the burden on designers by simplifying the way to send proposals and accept project offers. It allows you to present your ideas in a logical, authentic and professional manner that would keep the clients interested. You could even make use of images and videos in your proposals to make it much more engrossing. Now here’s what I liked most about Bidsketch.

Ease Of Use

Bid sketch helped me create my first proposal in a matter of minutes! This was of course, after I spent a few minutes drafting a temporary proposal, and got the hang of it. I had to just select a design and various input sections required in the proposal. The input sections were pre-populated with starter texts which made my job easier.  The dashboard is very user centric and provides a preview of everything you need to know. dashboard


Bidsketch comes with a lot of professional looking inbuilt templates.  It also allows the usage of custom HTML/CSS designs. These are easily customizable and can be exported to PDF for extra portability. The proposals look neat and well organized. The clients are also provided with an option to add their digital signature, when they are ready to accept the proposal. Templates

Re-usable Content

This feature saved me a lot of time and effort. Bidsketch allows me to save previously created proposal templates which could be then used to quickly create a new proposal.


With Bidsketch, I no longer have to wonder if my clients have seen my proposal or not. Bidsketch provides me instant notification when a client accepts a proposal or makes a proposal status change. I also get to know how much time a client has spent on your proposal, whether they exported it to PDF etc. Analytics

White labeling

This is the best part of it all. Bidsketch allows me to customize my URL the way I wanted to. So instead of having a URL, I am provided with a URL, which stays consistent with my brand, when my clients see it. Overall I must say I am in love with this tool right from the moment I bought it. If you too are a sales professional having a complex service offering, Bidsketch is your right choice. Saves you time and deliver the best! We highly recommend Bidsketch online proposal tool