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Marketing is an essential part of any business whether big or small. While large business houses are able to spend a huge sum of money on advertising and marketing, small businesses are unable to do so. The question then arises as to what strategies should these small business owners employ to make an impact in the market? Here are some small business marketing strategies that you could look into.  

Offline Strategies

Offline strategies help small businesses grow by word of mouth publicity, getting listed in the business and local directories, banner and billboard advertisements, advertisements through printed material and connecting with the potential customers locally. These are traditional methods which may not be as effective as earlier, but still worth a chance.  

Online Strategies

Online strategies to market a small business can be further divided into the following categories:
    • Social Media Marketing
Connecting with the customers online through social media platforms is a good way to market a business. The strategies that work under this category include networking with various groups, giving away coupons and other offers online, sharing one’s expertise through forums and blogs and always expanding the network of friends and clients.
  • Content Marketing Content in different forms such as articles, videos, infographics and informative web pages is another way to market the business online. Provide high quality, original content, optimizing the website with relevant keywords related to the niche and giving expert opinion on the subject of one’s expertise.
  • Web Branding Marketing Web marketing does not only mean displaying your products or services through a website; it is more than that. Small businesses should make use of techniques like PPC, Google AdWords, and SEO, participate in B2B associations and build email lists. PR Marketing
  Building public relations through press releases, blogs and forums is another good way to market your small business.